• Knob Hills Trailhead

    Knob Hills

    Review: Knob Hills is a DORBA (Dallas Off Road Bicycle Association) trail, located near Roanoke. This trail consists of a series of 6 loops that follow Denton Creek, just west of Lake Grapevine. This…

  • Cedar Mountain Preserve Trail

    Cedar Mountain Preserve

    Review: Cedar Hill has so many amazing trails to enjoy it’s natural beauty, and this small nature preserve is worth a visit Maintained by Dallas County and part of the Open Spaces program, this…

  • Bridge over Skillman

    University Crossing / Ridgewood Trails

    Review: The University Crossing and RIdgewood Trails extend from Glencoe Park, through Mockingbird Station, across East Dallas to the SOPAC trail. This critical trail provides access from Katy Trail to White Rock Lake. The…

  • SOPAC Trail Dallas

    SOPAC Trail

    Review: The SOPAC trail, or Southern Pacific Trail, is a 5.5 mile trail, built on a former railroad corridor. Part of the East Dallas bike trail system, it provides connections to several other trails…

  • Pecan Tree at Cottonwood Creek

    Cottonwood Creek Preserve

    Review: Cottonwood Creek Preserve is a 200 acre park in Wilmer, which features meadows and an old pecan grove. A part of the Dallas Open Space Program, the preserve is the largest park in Wilmer,…

  • Old Fish Hatchery Entrance

    Old Fish Hatchery

    Review: The Old Fish Hatchery is located along the White Rock Lake trail, in a forested area at the southern edge of the lake. It consists of a grid of trails separated by the…

  • DFW Hiking Trails Hidden Gems

    DFW Hiking: Hidden Gems

    What is a hiking hidden gem? While the DFW Metroplex has many places to hike or bike, not all of them are well known. When you look online for recommendations on where to…

  • Natural

    Bob Jones Nature Center

    Review: Bob Jones Nature Center, located in Southlake near Lake Grapevine, offers miles of trails to explore either in the woods, or by the shores of the lake. You may encounter people on horseback,…