Tribute Shoreline Trail

Tribute Shoreline Trail

Review: The Tribute Shoreline Trail, located on the shores of Lake Lewisville, is a wide gravel trail that takes you past a golf course out on to a peninsula. Watch out for golf carts, as you will share the trail in spots with golfers, and keep an eye out for bikers. This is a pleasant trail, that offers some lake views including the dam that borders LLELA.

Distance: 3.11 miles, although a round trip from parking lot was about 4.1 miles

Area of Town: The Colony

Facilities: None that i saw. There are some benches and a bag dispenser to clean up after your dog

Suitable for: Hiking, Biking

Type of Trail: Natural Trail, mainly decomposed granite

Shade: Mainly open to the sun, but there are a few spots with shade

Where to Park:  The parking lot I would recommend starting from, is found here. (Google Maps was confused, so use the spot above)

Official Website: Official Website

Nearby Trails:  Arbor Hills, Colony Shoreline Trail

Tribute Shoreline Trail Map
Official Map

The Tribute Shoreline Trail in The Colony, is a well manicured trail that explores a peninsula of Lake Lewisville. The trail itself is a stamped concrete / decomposed granite path that takes you from a parking lot, past the Tribute Golf Course, and then to the shores of the Lake.

I would advise you to use the link above under ’parking’ for Google Maps, as the original directions it gave me took me past the actual trailhead. Luckily my friend saw me drive by and told me to turn back around. Not sure where Google was going to take me, but if you use the link above, you’ll make sure to park at the right spot.

The trail boasts a few informational kiosks that explain the local flora and fauna in the area, as well as some benches to stop to rest or enjoy the day. There is also a poop bag station for your pets, if you are bringing along your four legged friends. You will also see trail distance markers located at intervals.

The trail was not challenging at all. We did share it with a few golf carts at the start of the trail, as the golf course extends through this area. The trail is wide, but there are a few turns in the path, so would be advisable to keep an ear out when you turn the corners. At a certain point there will be a barrier, where only bikes and people can get through, and you will leave the golf course behind.

The trail through here is a loop, with an extension at the far end which you can take to the shores of the Lake. We came in the morning, but I would imagine at sunset the views could be beautiful. What surprised me the most was seeing the dam across the way, and after looking at Google Maps, realized that was the dam at Lake Lewsiville Environmental Learning Center. I had no idea it was so close (30 minute drive), although I would not advise swimming across!

The brush on either side of the trail is fairly thick and thorny, so no off trail adventures here! We did not encounter too many animals here, aside from the rabbit, pictured below. Be aware, we saw quite a few wasps, yellow jackets and bees in the area, especially around some of the trash cans and one of the kiosks. In fact, she got stung on her neck without warning. So keep an eye out!

I would not necessarily recommend this trail if you live far away, unless you want to pair it with the nearby Shoreline Trail or Arbor Hills Nature Preserve nearby in Plano. The distance here isn’t huge, and the lake views weren’t that impressive. This is not a strike against the trail, it’s very well maintained and we did encounter quite a few other people out enjoying it, including one guy biking around the loop multiple times. If you live nearby this would be a great trail to enjoy, but may not be worth the drive if you live further out.

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