Natural Trails

There are many natural trails throughout the Metroplex and beyond in North Texas. You’ll find trails in almost every part of the metro area, each providing variety in terms of distance, elevation changes and views.    The further south you go, you start to hit the beginnings of the hill country, where you can find more difficult trails (at least for our area). Many of these trails are located near lakes or alongside creeks or the Trinity River which winds through Dallas and Fort Worth. Some of these natural trail systems are in the middle of urban areas, others can be a bit more remote, far away from the noises of the city.

DORBA (Dallas Off Road Bicycle Association) has built and maintained many of these trails in cooperation with the land owners, so please considering supporting the the upkeep of these trails by becoming a member of DORBA, even if you don’t bike them.  Those funds are used to maintain and further develop these trail systems, they do fantastic work for the outdoor enthusiasts.  Even if you don’t support them financially, please makes sure to follow their rules, and of course don’t hike / bike on wet trails.

All of the DORBA trails can be used by hikers and bikers alike.  Some trails are hiking only, and others are shared with equestrian traffic.  Make sure you understand the uses for each trail before heading out.