Grapevine Springs Preserve

Grapevine Springs Preserve

Review: Grapevine Springs Preserve is a 16 acre park in Coppell, with gravel trails and some natural trails. A part of the Dallas Open Space Program, this park is beautifully maintained with historic structures. Not a major trail system, this spot is best for kids or just enjoying some time outdoors.

Distance: Unclear. I logged over a mile exploring the park

Area of Town: Coppell, on Bethel Road near it’s historic downtown

Facilities: There are picnic tables and restrooms at the nearby Senior Center

Suitable for: Hiking

Type of Trail: Natural Trails

Shade:  The natural trails are mainly shaded. The paved trails, are a mix of shade and sun.

Where to Park:  There is parking on site

Official Website: Official Site

Nearby Trails:  Northshore TrailElm Fork Preserve, Coppell Nature Park

I found this park while digging around on the Dallas Open Space Program site. For those unaware, this program was started in 1976 to preserve natural spaces for the enjoyment of Dallas County residents. There are 21 protected preserves, some which are well known (Cedar Ridge Preserve, Spring Creek Forest Preserve)and others I’d never heard about, including Grapevine Springs Preserve.

There isn’t really a map that i could find, so I’m not going to provide one here. The park isn’t large, at only 16 acres, but is beautifully maintained by the city of Coppell. It’s located near the Coppell Senior and Community Center off Bethel Road, along Grapevine Creek.

The park has some history! It was the site of Sam Houston’s campground, where he negotiated a peace treaty with local Native Americans. The land was developed in the 30s by the WPA (Works Progress Administration), adding in many of the stone features and walls you see while exploring the grounds. There are a few plaques giving more details on the history, see below!

The park is beautiful, with open spaces traversed by well maintained gravel paths. There are picnic tables, and some beautiful features like a bridge across a stream, a small waterfall (VERY small) and access to two sections with natural trails in the woods. The natural areas are well shaded under the canopy of the trees, and the main park itself has many trees scattered throughout the grounds.

The natural trails to the southwest side of the park take you into the woods on well maintained trails, much of which are gravel and bordered by stone edging. These are not difficult trails, and easy for people of any age to explore. Again, this is not a trail system to get lost in, nor will you get a lot of mileage here, these are just for easy exploring.

The eastern side of the park also has natural trails, and these take you down to the creek in it’s natural state. Here you can get down to the banks of the creek and explore a bit. I didn’t see any snakes, but this is Texas, so I’d keep an eye out for any if you explore down on Grapevine Creek!

On the way out i took time to look at the ‘waterfall’. This is Texas, so don’t get your hopes up!

This park is ideal as a serene spot to hang out and enjoy the outdoors, or to bring the kids for a well maintained and safe are to get out into nature. This isn’t a long distance trail system, but has history and beauty and worth stopping by if you are in the area.

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