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Spring Creek Nature Area

Review: Spring Creek Nature Area is a great paved trail system in Richardson that meanders along Spring Creek. While mainly paved, there is a half a mile nature trail that you can explore to get a bit more wild, but for the most part this paved trail system stays under the trees as it follows Spring Creek. Make sure to take in some of the fantastic views of the creek, as this is one of the prettier creeks in the area, with clear water flowing over limestone rocks.

Distance: I’m not able to find anything specific on distance here, but the park is 51 acres. My hike there was 3 miles out and back, but I didn’t go all the way to Foxboro Park, or to Galatyn Woodland Preserve

Area of Town: Richardson, just east of Central Expressway between Renner and Plano.

Facilities: There are some picnic areas and benches. I did not see any restrooms

Suitable for: Jogging, walking, biking

Type of Trail: This is predominately a paved trail, but I did find a short half mile natural trail worth exploring

Shade: Very wooded area, the trail is almost entirely under the trees that line the creeksides.

Where to Park:  There is a small parking area right off Central Expressway and Galatyn Parkway.

Official Site:  Official Site

Nearby Trails: Prairie Creek ParkSpring Creek Forest Preserve, Spring Creek Greenbelt

No official map, so Google Maps wil have to do

Spring Creek Nature Area is immediately east of Central Expresway off the Renner Road exit. Right….off….the highway. However once you have entered the park, you wouldn’t know you are so close to an Interstate! Spring Creek Park has 51 acres of land, and it connects to other parks in the area (Foxboro Park, the Galatyn Wooland Preserve). The paved paths also connect to the Renner Trail and the Spring Creek Trail). I wasn’t able to find the total distance for Spring Creek Nature Area, or the other trails that it connects to, but if you are looking to run or bike longer distances, the trails here certainly give you the opportunity to get some longer distances in by looping through the Nature Area, or expanding your workout through the connections.

The trail is shaded and meanders by Spring Creek, notable for the white cliffs that the creek has carved for itself. Spring Creek is very clear, unlike many of the other creeks and waterways in North Texas which are more brown or green. Spring Creek Nature Area doesn’t provide access to the creek, but you do get multiple views of it as the trail borders the creek, or crosses the creek across the several bridges scattered through the park.

There is one natural trail area, currently only half a mile, which breaks up the paved nature of this park. Hopefully this is just the start of additional natural trails, but I don’t know of any plans to expand trails in the area. As it stands now, it is a nice diversion to break up the pavement.

Spring Creek Nature Area is a wonderful municipal park, with wide trails through a lush green belt next to it’s namesake. If you are in the area, make sure to check out Prairie Creek Park, to see the Falls, and you can continue to explore Spring Creek at the nearby Spring Creek Forest Preserve, which will give better access to the creek.

Pathway connecting road to trail
You can see the bottom of the creek bed in Spring Creek
The Nature Trail is a half mile excursion off the paved trail
The natural path
A fork in the road
View of Spring Creek
A picnic table by the trail
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