Bridge over Skillman

University Crossing / Ridgewood Trails

Review: The University Crossing and RIdgewood Trails extend from Glencoe Park, through Mockingbird Station, across East Dallas to the SOPAC trail. This critical trail provides access from Katy Trail to White Rock Lake. The trail itself is flat and linear, serving as a key connection between parts of the city.

Distance: Approximately 3 miles combined

Area of Town: East Dallas

Facilities: None on the trail, but the connection to White Rock Lake provides access to many amenities

Suitable for: Running, Hiking, Biking

Type of Trail: Paved Trail

Shade:  Not much shade, predominately exposed to the sun

Where to Park:  Glencoe Park or Mockingbird Station

Official Website: Official Site

Nearby Trails:  SOPAC Trail, Katy Trail, White Rock Lake Trail

Official Map from City of Dallas

Rather than write about University Crossing and Ridewood trails separately, I am combining them as they are fairly short trails, both serving mainly to connect to other parts of the East Dallas Trail System. These two trails connect with two major trails in Dallas (the Katy Trail and White Rock Lake trails). They serve a critical function for the future of the Dallas bike trail system, as the city finally connects it’s various disparate trails together.

When i biked these trails, i started at Glencoe park, just south of Mockingbird near Central Expressway. If you are coming up from the Katy trail, you will have to cut across Central, using the McCommas bridge to pop over to the other side of the highway. Obviously use caution if you are going to do this.

From the Glencoe Park, the University Crossing Trail starts on the northwestern edge of the park, and heads north towards Mockingbird. You’ll pass behind some hotels, before hitting the pedestrian bridge that takes you over the busy Mockingbird traffic, into Mockingbird Station. The trail then passes by the Dart Station, and continues through Mockingbird Station before heading east under Greenville Avenue. It then passes apartments and continues over Skillman Road before the University Crossing trail ends, and the Ridgewood Trail begins. You’ll see some markers on the trail at the Abrams intersection, that show the change.

Beyond the markers, i didn’t notice anything different between the two trails. Ridgewood Trail continues to the East, alongside a Dart rail, until you come to a bridge which will then descend to the SOPAC trail. From there, you can go North on SOPAC towards Flag Pole Hill and beyond, or south on SOPAC to meet up with either the Santa Fe Trail or White Rock Lake trails.

These trails are not picturesque in any way, but they connect key parts of the city together, in ways that are long over-due. The ability to bike across the city via dedicated bike paths is finally becoming a reality, and these trails are making it possible!

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