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Review: While not as grand as White Rock Lake, Bachman Lake is a great alternative for those who live or work near Love Field. The park has been recently renovated with new fitness equipment and a repacked trail. While not the most scenic spot in Dallas, there are plenty of water fowl and rowers on the lake to watch, not to mention planes flying right over your head!  This is not a destination trail, I wouldn’t spend a lot of time driving to see it, but for those who live nearby, it’s a good place to get outside.

Distance: 3.1 mile loop trail around the lake

Area of Town: Northwest Dallas

Facilities: Portable Toilets / A water fountain or two / Newly installed fitness equipment

Suitable for: Walking / Jogging / Biking

Type of Trail: Mainly blacktop, some concrete

Shade: Some shade, but limited. This path is mainly exposed to the Sun

Where to Park: There are many options here. I prefer to park near the Rowing Club (2827 Shorecrest Drive). You can also enter from the north side off of Northwest Highway for additional parking. Also, many people park on the side of Shorecrest against the lake, as the road is wide

Official Site: Bachman Lake

Nearby Trails: Brookhaven / Vitruvian Park, Northaven Trail, Katy Trail

Bachman Lake is located in Northwest Dallas just north of Love Field airport. There are two main ways to access it, either off Northwest Highway itself (on the north side of the lake), or you can take the Shorecrest light off Marsh on the south side of the lake, and head in that way. I prefer the Shorecrest exit as there is less traffic, and you can park at the Rowing Club, which is located towards the western edge near the Bachman water treatment plant.

The lake itself has seen quite a bit of renovation lately, as fitness equipment was recently installed on the south side of the trail, and much of the trail has been repaved and fixed. The addition was needed, as before parts of the trail were crumbling and difficult to navigate.

The lake is used by families, especially on the northern side where a pavilion and a playground can be found. The lake also has a Rowing Club based here, on the southwest side, so you’ll likely see rowers going back and forth on the lake. Herons, ducks, and other water fowl also make this lake their home, and I’ve even seen what I thought was a nutria swimming out into the lake. Snakes are also present, and turtles can be seen swimming in the water. Many locals come here to fish, whether on a kayak or just on the sides of the trails.

The trail itself is relatively flat, and goes in a long oblong circle around the lake. On the western edge lies the dam, which as you cross over gives you a nice view across the lake, where you can make out the new developments to the east of Marsh. As you continue across the northern side of the lake, you’ll pass by a playground, as well as a pavilion.   The east side of the trail diverges, where you can cross via a bridge to the south side of the lake, or continue under Marsh Lane to the Bachman creek area. From here you can access the shops that border Northwest Highway, or explore the green belt along the creek. There are some trails a wooded area at the far eastern side, but last time that I explored this area I ran into a secluded homeless camp. Use caution.

Most of Bachman Lake is exposed to the sun. There are some areas that are shaded under trees, but for the most part you’ll be in full sun. Make sure to bring plenty of wate, especially during the summer months, since the water fountains on the south side don’t always work (and the water can taste bad).

I would not call this a destination trail, the views are not exactly spectacular, but for a local neighborhood trail it’s a true asset to the area.  It’s the White Rock Lake of the West side of Dallas. Where else can you watch the plans land right above your head, it can be spectacular!

Plane landing at Bachman Lake

Ducks at Bachman Lake

The Locals

View from the Dam

Sunset at Bachman LakeSunset over the Water

Where to Go for a Beer: There are two places you can easily walk to from the Bachman lake trail. From the northeast side of the trail, take the path that leads under Marsh that connects to the shopping center on Northwest Highway.  There you will find a few places to visit, especially Mi Camno’s and Bluffview Growler.

Mi Camino’s is a great Mexican restaurant to refuel after a workout, with margaritas and beer. They have great fajitas, and patio seating that looks out over the water.

Bluffview Growler is a newer addition to the shopping center, and they’ve got a fantastic taps selection, with various craft beers, many local to the DFW area. They have food as well, and outdoor as well as indoor seating. Fun place and worth a visit if you are in the area.

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